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It’s a Mwanza Look book👯📸

Hey you! Thank you for coming back and if you are new here; Welcome to our budget family🤗🤗. For all my camera lovers this post for you😉. And although I do not promise you picture perfect shots; I am certainly assuring you that you will fall in love with the beauty of Mwanza before you are done reading this post! Haha that was a hard sentence to write!

First thing I have to mention is that I never imagined how exhausting fifteen hours on the road would be😓. We arrived and all we wanted to do was have a good meal, shower and rest. It didn’t help that Mwanza was supper sunny and hot! Because of this all the plans we had for Saturday afternoon kunywad maji🤣. Other than relaxing we took time to plan our next two and a half days since the corona situation had altered our original plan.

This is the face of a well fed and rested human ready to explore🤓

This trip was not intense and fast as Bali was. It was a mixture of exploring and relaxing🛀. Below is a highlight of the places we explored over the remaining days. I’ll also leave the important details that will come in handy as you plan your visit. Enjoy💃

NB: The prices mentioned are in Kenyan Shillings (Kes) and are converted from Tanzanian Shillings (Tsh) in the rate 1Kes = 20 Tsh.

Sukuma Bujore Museum

For 400/= (4 USD) you will have your entrance and tour guide fee sorted. The tour guide, Richard, is very knowledgeable on the beautiful culture of the Sukuma people. The fact that he has worked in the museum for 38 years explains why. It took us around 2 hours to explore every single part of the museum plus another 30 minutes to take pictures🙊.

Saa Nane Island Park

We often hear of beautiful places and then we get to experience this places. When I tell you that Saa Nane is breathtaking I do no justice describing the place 🙌. The park is located on an island! It is a ‘man-made’ park since animals were transported to the island. Some of the animals on the island include zebras, waterbucks, a lion, antelopes, monkeys and some huuge monitor lizards. The cost for park fee, a tour guide and a boat ride- to and fro the island- is 1,450/= (15 USD). Here are some pictures to try describe the place but stay tuned for the next blog because we will get into details about this gem😉

Bismark Rock

Because Mwanza is the city of rocks, our trip could not come to an end before visiting one of the many rock parks. We were unlucky that the rain poured as soon as we got to the park so all we did was sit and enjoy the view of the lake. The entrance fee is 50/= and the cost to swim is 150/= (2 USD). The place is perfect if you are looking to have a chilled time as you enjoy the beautiful sunset and views😍😍

Tunza Beach

If you know me, you know that water and sand are my love languages🙊. For that, I was super excited to take a dip in a fresh water lake during this trip. When the initial itinerary plan changed I had to quickly find a beach to explore while in Mwanza. I stumbled on Tunza Beach from rheenruby’s story and that’s how we discovered this beautiful resort😍. It cost us 100/= (1 USD) for the entrance fee.

This marks the end of the Mwanza look book😊. I hope you will find it useful when deciding on the places to visit during your trip😉. Also, from the details I’ve just shared, what is your favorite spot? Comment down and let me know; it might be my fav spot too💃.

As usual, see you in two weeks as we get into all the details of the gem that is Saa Nane Island Park👯. Thank you for reading and see you in two weeks❤️

See you soon🤗🤗


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    1. Hey Chemonges, thank you for taking time to read 😊.
      While we were there we didn’t have any trouble with the authorities. I guess it’s because we left on the day the first case was announced.


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